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December 26, 2012

Thanks for listening to Atheist Advent!

The last few songs are up, including some guitar work of which I’m rather proud, intended to give all those family gatherings across the Christian world a wee bit of extra lubrication for the end run; and my surprise at finding I can sing overtones.

See also the evoution of Atheist Advent song seeds into Reason Breeds Monsters creations, and buy one of our special discs. And read about our adventures on Yorkshire radio.

Atheist Advent is over: now its Reason Breeds Monsters‘s turn.

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24 December: Santa Claus’ Curse pt. 3

December 25, 2010

Today’s song is a new episode of last years’ retelling of the legend of Santa Claus. Click here to hear the song, and for some stuff I’ve written about it.

Happy New Year! The solar new year — for the Northern Hemisphere — starts today!

Thanks for tuning in.


December 22: Beadnell Bay video

December 22, 2010

15 December: Love During War Time

December 15, 2010

15th December marks the halfway point for Atheist Advent 2010. Lands have been engulfed with ice; Wikileaks has pushed its battle with the US Empire to the limit, so it seems, of its astonishing strength; fires were lit around Parliament as students tried to block the passage of an iniquitous Bill; greater unrest resounds across Europe and the world. I’m glad that I’ve been forced to pay more attention to current affairs that I otherwise might due to this songwriting stuff. Though if I wasn’t writing all these songs I may have had been more informed.

By accident I became caught up in the student protests; and since then I’ve been a more intentional participant. Last night I spoke to a teenager, now at 6th form college, whose plans for university had been ended by the rise in fees. What place now for someone who thinks that it is not right to accumulate debt? And if I eat bread on borrowed cash, where is that loaf-equivalent?

As I write this, the internet has slowed to the crawl of a wounded snake. Does this mean that some other great event has occurred, since I last checked the news, eating up the server space? Is Sweden being submerged by Assange’s partisans? I feel like a pathetic superhero, on the look out for evil-doing, so I might write a song about it.

In the course of trying to come up with the songs I’ve got so far, I’ve now got a list of ideas and tunes which I’m hoping to develop by the end of the two weeks. I want to write another Mummers-style song, on the theme of Santa Claus’ pt 2, from last year. I have an idea it might involve the character stuck in his car in the snow drift; and might involve other characters from the Mummers rosta. But I don’t know if it can be done. I also have a fantastic spooky Christmas melody that I want to use for the 21st, but it’s so damn hard to fit anything to it.

And I’ve been dogged by a feeling that the songs this year aren’t as solid or as sparky as last year. I’m struggling to fit them in around work and other stuff. Last year I sat alone in that miserable house, shivered, penniless, and there was nothing else to do. I always thought it was wrong to try to better myself.

So for you who may complain that the iconic window on the back yard is missing from this years’ AA, or that the acoustic in this house isn’t as good. I agree, yup – but wound me not, oh AAophile.

Thanks so much for listening!


Song notes and lyrics (4)

January 27, 2010

More notes and lyrics in the Liner Notes pages. Musings concerning the evils of Santa Claus, the wonders of activist students, and the speed at which a song can be written in the rain.


Dreaming of the Ghosts of Christmas

December 24, 2009

Santa Claus’ Curse (part two)

December 21, 2009