Atheist Advent

Twenty-four solstice songs, played on a godless guitar.

The month before winter solstice is a hard time; I can see why our ancestors feared that the sun might not return; why they (presumably) invented the sun god myth to make sense of the progression of the seasons; and why Christianity grafted the sun god traditions onto its revision of the Judaic ethic.

I need someone to hold my hand through these dwindling days: and Christ is not available. So I dedicate these twenty-four songs to people who feel like me too. I hope you like some of them. I can’t tell you whether you will, since I haven’t written them yet. I’ll be writing them, most of them, anyway, as the month progresses.

You may find the quality rather low: in performance, writing and recording. If only it could be otherwise; but it can’t. The aim of this is (in part) to get myself actually to write and finish some songs; rather than reject all my ideas as imperfect, as I have usually done, before I can get anywhere with them.

Better to have something real and flawed, than a perfect fantasy.

Happy Solstice.



  1. The days are getting cold and the nights are getting long. I’m thinking of eating quite a lot, then I’ll just hibernate until springtime comes around again. Wake me up at Eostre.

  2. I have an old ruber dinghy but it has a hole in it. If you can patch the leak with a tightly woven song I will give it to you. I’ve lost the pump tho, so you’ll need lungs like bellows.

  3. Good for you! Can’t wait to hear the songs you come up with. 24 songs in 24 days is, i think, a higher concentration of songwriting than i have ever managed to do.

  4. Hello lovely Ben
    Our mutual friend lovely Jean (Bareham) told me about your advent songs. Brilliant idea. Keep them coming
    best wishes for the dark time

  5. Hello Ben, just discovered this – a little late, but not too late. I’ll forward to Joe who will love this as much as me.
    Hugs for you.

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