Atheist Advent 2012

December 14, 2012

Atheist Advent is on this year!

Already about a dozen songs written. Something of a birds and war theme going on this year; some songs not so good, some I think not bad. Also some revamped tunes of yesteryear now on MP3, including the classic animal rights saga, Bear on the Loose.

Head over to www.atheistadvent.com for all the music and etc.

This year there are even things to buy — Reason Breeds Monsters‘s first single, which is music originally from Atheist Advent, and The Story of the Story of the Dragon, a musical story for 4 year olds with a Chomsky/Zinn theme.


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  1. Hi Ben, Thanks for doing this again. Don’t be too hard on yourself though re:the comparison. This is a trap that many of us fall into. Comparison’s are dangerous and they can sometimes prevent us from stepping out and gaining what we might have learned. What you played is musically competent even though it doesn’t have the lightness, lilt and feel of the original. Keep at it and you will find your own voice which is more important than a good cover. Happy solstice, holiday, end of the world, whatever. J

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