14 December: James Bond Will Return

December 14, 2010

Click here to listen to James Bond Will Return.

2010 fades to black. The last pitched battle of the year has been fought, and Drax is still in government, surrounded by goons, plotting our downfall. Worse: the dastardly organization to which Drax owes allegiance has spread its tentacles over the Earth. Yes, as twilight falls on the year, the Northern Hemisphere seems locked in darkness deeper than night. The fires in Westminster Square have been put out; the rebels have melted into the fog, scattered into the unmonitored byways of Britain. The year ends on a bleak and desperate note; the ice melts and refreezes, leaving the pavements as slippery as glass; when we slip over, the mocking laughter of the villain reverberates around us.

And yet – there will be a second reel.

These things and others fed into this song, which I will be sending to the James Bond crew forthwith. Britain, a wasteland of spectres; the evil villain lurks in Beadnell Bay, sucking chill Northumbrian air, burying the good guys in a decaying caravan park, crowing with victory – for Santa has delivered him: The World.

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