The Last Post: Noon, 24th Dec

December 23, 2009

Thank you so much for tuning in. If there was a god, I would ask her to bless you.



  1. That was beautiful and memorable, thanks Ben. (Happy AtheIstmas.)

  2. Bravo ! 🙂

    My favourite song (though a few remain to be seen) is ‘Desert’. Some will say it’s because I’m myself surrounded by a 2 millions m2 desert, but I believe it’s also because you did it great. It’s haunting!

    I have a minor complain: for my poor level of English, the sound was sometimes too bad to let me understand your lyrics. But I guess it was part of the creative process to be not bothering about technical quality.
    Consequently, I have major request: record an album, soon, so I could finally enjoy the poetry as well (with the booklet? :p ).

    A great piece of art here.

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