Santa Claus’ Curse (part two)

December 21, 2009


  1. Like a Christmas cake: dark, dense and rich. Brooding, and magnificent.

  2. I love it! I also recently heard a story of Odin being a root of the myth of santa-claus: he had an 8 hoofed horse on which he rode across the sky, two black ravens were his helpers. And its a nordic custom to leave food for him at the winter solstice. Also a custom to leave oats, milk and button for the the farm sprite, who otherwise causes havoc…

  3. As for me, I was wondering what had happened to part two of this. Had part one received negative feedback at some focus group, leading to the sequel being quietly shelved at the pre-production stage? But no. This is amazing; rich and dark all right, and too complex to absorb in one go.

    I don’t know what source material you’re drawing from (your head? I’d love to think so), but it has the ring of truth about it, and sheds light on the encounter a three-year-old friend of mine had with a local iteration of Christmas last week. She didn’t mention his butcher’s hands, but he did leave her with the clear expectation that a live unicorn would be waiting for her on Christmas morning. From the Green Knight’s stable, perhaps? Or am I mixing my mythologies even more than you?

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