My Baby Don’t Like My Music

December 20, 2009


  1. Brill! One of my faves of yours…very insightful, as well as very witty…Like the snowy window backdrop…almost as if you were playing the song in your room during winter 🙂

  2. Please excuse this rather po-faced comment. I have always liked this song . . . . the Buddhist dictum of the four noble truths puts it’s finger on the ubiquitous nature of suffering and “the Blues” format has always seemed correspondingly universal to me . . . . perhaps with this association . . . . . the idea of ‘My baby don’t like my music” is seen as a complete rejection of what is so central to my heart that it amounts to “My baby don’t like me”. What is closest and most central to my heart is rejected and I am rejected. Not only am I not understood by the woman, but I was blind, misleading myself that I would be accepted until, in fact, I am rejected.
    “I’ve got to wonder what the hell I’m doing wrong,” is the kind of message that no-one is really interested in or else I won’t let go of the question and I beat myself up endlessly over wherever I picture I’m wrong . . . . .
    Of course the tale is also humorous . . . .

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