Tzipi Livni Holiday Plans

December 16, 2009


  1. A very subtle comment on current political controversies here. Good to avoid the obvious.

  2. What difference does God make?


    • Finally, the word ‘atheist’ attracts some attention from the other side. Or perhaps it was ‘Tzipi Livni’.

    • Oh what’s the point.

      • Oh right. So it wasn’t that this song was such a subtle comment that its true meaning totally escaped interlekchul featherweights like me, and could only be apprehended by such master logicians as Mr Thinkpoint.

        Of course his precognitive powers should also be remarked upon, because he contrived to write an entire blog post in response to Ben’s song… _months before the song was actually written_! Masterful.

      • The song’s meaning is so subtle that it pretty much eludes even me – though as for Mr Thinkpoint, I had the offer to Spam him; but then I thought – well, it is spam, but let’s let it go . . . I think he is actually a human, rather than a godly bot.

  3. […] is a guest post written by Benedict Young – a member of York Palestine Solidarity […]

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