The Deadline (instrumental)

December 9, 2009


  1. That’s what we need–a nice, rebarbative think piece from Yorkshire’s own fingerpicking Zen assassin, to frighten off any casual googlers who’ve stumbled upon you by chance and think they’re going to get sweet evocations of weddings or wisecracking New Urban Folk _every_ day if they come back.

    “What happened to the funny lyrics?” they will wail.

    “Lyrics?” we will answer, lips curled. “You mean you don’t know the WORDLESS WORD when you here it? Then listen to the sound of this one hand clapping [SLAP].”

    Oh yes.

    • They may not be able to hear it, but they can probably spell it.

  2. “he could play a guitar just like ringin’ a bell” I never knew just what it meant until now.

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