No Swimming

December 8, 2009


  1. Great to hear more of your songs… I’ve been tuning in! This more than makes up for forgetting to buy a box of chocolates this year.

  2. that is a nice frickin tune

  3. Very nice stuff Ben, all of them. Where can I buy the CD 🙂

  4. I detect from the brick work behind you that you are back in the homeland. Great song. Do they still have open mic at the Blues Bar, H’gate on a Sunday I wonder?

  5. whats with the teddy making moves on the penguin again? Its happened on a previous song but then teddy dissapears for days on end – is it an on/off kind of relationship?

  6. Awesome idea, Ben! Love the water theme the last 2 days. Great to see you play again 😉 Look forward to the remaining couple of weeks of songs!
    Lindsay 🙂

  7. I’m loving this Ben. Aside from the wonderful music and voice, I am using you at “high impact value-adding” seminars at work as an examplar of how the world has changed, with an Xmasy theme. At the very least, the atheist theme is mildly alienating to lots of my religious colleagues. So that’s nice.

    Visually, I often wonder if you still have a top of your head, or do you really want to publicise your knees?

  8. I know restrictions restrictions restrictions – what a bore they are!! Trouble is the human race is so immature that they have to be tidied up, tied up and restrained due to their naughty conduct!! And if its not the labout government then its the conservatives or the EU. HELP!

  9. Another cracking song, and what a great riff in the verse! I also particularly like the opening line “Water can be pleasant to look at”.

  10. Simple and great. Plus bonus brooding look at the end.

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