By The Water

December 7, 2009


  1. Yeah Ben!! Norman & I give you 2 thumbs-up!!! Keep on writing your great lyrics/music.
    Hope & Norman

  2. Is this one of yours, Ben? It’s _lovely_!

    Have you thought of putting a ‘favourites’ function on here? Mine so far, in date order: December; I’m going to German; this one. None that I don’t like–all worth listening too, more than once. Frenzy in the High Street might be the best of all when you do a ‘glossy’–well, glossier–recording of it; the key changes make it hard to sing 🙂 We know these are sketches, though, and they’re pretty damn good ones.

    Also, some kind of ‘play all’ thing would be nice. I’d love to leave these running from start to finish.

    [Represses urge to add: Is It Too Much To ASK???!]

  3. Oh, and Christmas card blues too.

  4. aww, beautiful; simply sweet and melancholy xmas spirits

  5. Ben!

    Lovely! More please! Christmas Card Blues is probably my favourite so far, also liked the Obama Troop Surge one and By The Water. It’s a marvelous advent calendar and you’re so right just to do these inspiring, thoughtful, funny songs rather than cave in to fears about imperfection. It’s also really good to do something about Christmas that isn’t commercial and isn’t Christian. I think we sometimes forget that all kinds of people, from atheists, agnostics, even Hindus, have made Christmas into their own kind of celebration, albeit for reasons different from those which made christmas happen in the first place

    keep it up


  6. This is quite, quite beautiful. Was this really discovered on December 7th 2009? You must have been knocking back the essence of Snufkin.

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